We are a team of artists from MANY different Christian denominations around the world connected by one thing: we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

More than ever, today’s world can feel upside down and confusing, with many people struggling to find Truth and Hope through the veil of evil that bombards us on a daily basis.

What can we do to fix that?

While the blood of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can Truly HEAL the world, we are commanded to spread the Gospel and to show our faith through ACTION. So we’re scouring God’s Creation for others who wish to use their God-given talents and hard work to show the world that there IS Hope; that we can smile and laugh with each other – because that’s what God wants us to do!

And while social media can be a valuable tool, our focus is REAL-LIFE interactions that can touch people’s hearts that don’t rely on VIEWS and CLICKS.


So…who among you would like to strengthen our group by adding YOUR talents to this calling?

We need:

Let’s do this.

Please contact us and tell us what your talent is! We’re all amateurs, so every skill level is welcome; we’ll find something fun for you to do.

May God bless you and keep you well.

Talk soon.

Wisdom Walk Ministries

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